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Gary Busey (also known as "The Wildcard") was a HITMAN™ elusive target that appeared July 21st-July 28th, 2016 in the mission World of Tomorrow. Appropriately, Busey voiced himself for the target.


Hollywood legend Gary Busey is about to take on his greatest role: being 47's target. Currently filming on location, his wild antics and numerous disappearances are costing millions of dollars in delays. The financiers behind the project, as well as co-star Gary Cole, are not amused.

HITMAN Elusive Target 7 - The WildCard (Gary Busey)

HITMAN Elusive Target 7 - The WildCard (Gary Busey)

The Wildcard
Target Gary Busey
Method Any
Diguise Any
Location Sapienza - World of Tomorrow
Date 21st - 28th July 2016



  • Busey voiced himself, along with Gary Cole for HITMAN™.
  • Busey was in a community chosen event, where the community had to choose between Gary Busey and Gary Cole as the elusive target.[1]
  • Busey claimed to be the "Invincible Robot Man".[2]
  • He is the first target in the series to be completely based on a real person.


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