The HX AP-15 is an assault rifle which holds 30 rounds in a magazine. It is carried the most by the members of Blackwater Tactical Team. The suppressed varient has cut down most of the sound and muzzle flash, makes it behaves like M4 in Blood Money, but nearby NPCs will still react to your shooting.


"The AP-15 is a versatile battle rifle with a high rate of fire, and a good mix of accuracy, damage and range."


  • Birdie's Gift: On display in the gun shop, used by some NPCs also.
  • Blackwater Park: On display in the penthouse, carried by the guards, both silenced and unsilenced varients.
  • Countdown: Carried by the Blackwater Tactical Team members.



  1. IMFDB - Hitman: Absolution - Heckler & Koch HK416

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