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The HX UMP is a submachine gun. It has a good reputation such that the Agency also uses a customizable variant, Agency HX UMP. In fact, the HX UMP is the most popular automatic weapon in the game.


"A powerful tactical SMG. This weapon has an excellent combination of attributes that make it a strong choice for the urban combat environment."



  • Agency HX UMP: Customizable variation. Black in color with yellow highlights.


  • The HX UMP is completely equal in terms of appearance to its real life counterpart, the Heckler and Koch UMP. 
  • The HX UMP makes the most appearance out of any other weapon in Absolution, appearing in eight different missions. 
  • This UMP used in two James Bond movies like Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace. In Casino Royale Bond uses the UMP to injure Mr. White in the end of the movie & in Quantum Of Solace were Bond uses the UMP to take out one of the Alfa Romeo henchman while Bond drives his Aston Martin in the beginning of the movie. 


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