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Hamilton-Lowe is an international construction company and client in the missions A Gilded Cage and A House Built on Sand, both set in Marrakesh, Morocco.


First targets the company wanted to get rid of were one of their employed architects, Matthieu Mendola, and CEO of the rivaling construction company China Corp., Kong Tuo-Kwang, who met in Marrakesh to negotiate about company-internal documents of Hamilton-Lowe. 47 eliminated both of them successfully. In 2019, some time later, Hamilton-Lowe had profitable building contracts with the Moroccan government which would be cancelled if Zaydan's coup d'etat were successful so the company wanted to have him eliminated as well as Claus Hugo Strandberg, who is responsible for the unrests in Morocco. Again, 47 killed the targets and saved to company's contracts.

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