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Hans Pruter is a minor character in Hitman: Enemy Within.

He is a German Puissance Treize assassin, sent to eliminate Agent 47 at the Hotel Central in Sintra, Portugal. He is accompanied by his partner and lover Tova Holm, and is deduced by 47 as the "killer". Hans is described as being six-two in height, having fair skin and sporting blonde flattop hair and a dark blue sport shirt.

Role in Enemy Within

Hans and Tova are redirected from an assignment in Prague by Pierre Douay to intercept 47 before he kills Aristotle Thorakis. As soon as the 'tourist couple' check into the hotel, 47 instantly sees through their disguises.

While Tova infiltrated the hotel's guest list in an attempt to identify 47, Hans remained in their room cleaning his weapons in preparation for the kill. Acting on knowledge that the Hunter-Killer duo were lovers, 47 kills Tova first in order to enrage Hans and draw him out of hiding.

An envelope containing the photos of Tova's corpse was sent to Hans' room, and the German broke down in tears and anger. The words Costelo dos Mouros (Castle of the Moors) are written on the envelope, suggesting 47's desired location for the assassins to 'meet'.

Hans arrives at the castle early and heavily armed. He sets up a defensive position in hopes of ambushing 47. But with the help of Diana's satellite-tracking, 47 outmaneuvers Hans in an intense firefight and kills him.


  • The novel mentions that the Hunter-Killer couple have assassinated 32 targets throughout their career.

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