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Heckler & Koch MP5 (known in its abbreviated form as "MP5") is a sub-machine gun, with a high rate of fire.


Hitman: Codename 47

The MP5 is one of the games more least common weapons, only appearing in four levels. It has a higher rate of fire compared to the Uzi.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The MP5 is one of the two concealable fully automatic weapons available to Agent 47 (the other being the Uzi). It is first acquired in Invitation to a Party and Tracking Hayamoto. It holds 30 rounds in its magazine.

  • Invitation to a Party - Carried by some patrolling guards outside the embassy including on the balcony. Also found inside the embassy that carried by two patrolling guards upstairs including some of them in the basement.
  • Tracking Hayamoto - Carried by most guards.

Hitman: Contracts

The MP5 can only be found in the last level, Hunter and Hunted. It also holds 30 rounds. It is used exclusively by the GIGN. It isn't concealable.

Hitman: Blood Money

A customizable MP5 is available under the name "SMG Tactical" and can be fitted with a silencer, butt stocks and a short barrel modification. There is also an uncustomizable version used by NPCs and can be picked up by 47 as collectible weapon, simply known as the MP5, first found in Curtains Down mission, its modeled after the MP5A2 variant. The MP5 is a two-handed weapon, it can also be concealed. The MP5 can only hold 25 rounds in its magazine.

  • The customizable SMG Tactical is always available in Agent 47's arsenal. Otherwise, the uncustomizable version appears in the following:
  • Curtains Down - On Richard Delahunt's bodyguards and in weapon stash in the right staff office, third floor.
  • A Dance with the Devil - Carried by Maynard John, some Hell guards and in a weapon stash in the backstage area in the Hell party.
  • Amendment XXV - On most Secret Service agents, and in the weapon stash on the 2nd floor, West wing.



  • In Hitman Codename 47 the weapon is the most accurate fully automatic weapon, even using the weapon without firing in bursts won't affect the accuracy much. In Hitman Blood Money, the MP5 has decreased accuracy.
  • In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, there is a silenced MP5, but this a unconcealable variant called the SMG-SD6. This silenced MP5 only appears on Hidden Valley, At the Gates and Shogun Showdown
  • In Hitman: Contracts, there is a silenced variant that can only be obtained by beating Slaying a Dragon with a Silent Assassin rating.
  • The MP5's successor, the Heckler & Koch MP7, is available in Hitman: Blood Money.

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