The Helicopter Pilot outfit is a unique disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.



Worn by the hospitals helicopter pilot Nails. In Situs Inversus the disguise grants access to both the resort and the hospital. The rooms that can't be entered with this disguise are the maintance room, the security office, the kitchen, the VIP guest rooms, the stem cell storage, the director's office, the KAI mainframe and the operating room. Guards at checkpoints will frisk the helicopter pilot.

The disguise can be used to escort the head surgeon to the pilot’s drug stash. This will result in the head surgeon taking enough drugs to cloud his judgement and kill Erich Soders after he learns about him murdering his father.

In Patient Zero the disguise is far less useful due to the abscene of the head surgeon and the fact the he the pilot can't enter any part of the hospital due to the quarantine.


The Helicopter Pilot outfit appears in the following missions: