Disambig This article is about the Hitman: Blood Money iteration. For the Hitman: Contracts iteration, see Training Area.

Agent 47's Hideout is an area where the player goes to practice new weapons, listen to mission briefings, and store collected weapons.

This iteration of the hideout is seen only in Hitman: Blood Money.


The Hideout is an old worn down location, where collected weapons are stored and where the player can test their aim and modified/collected weapons against targets, rats, bottles, and explosives.

The Hideout's layout starts with a doorway leading outside. Down the stairwell, is the main room where the player listens to mission briefings (depending on where Agent 47 achieves them). Past that is the training area with paper targets and all the guns collected by the player hanging on gun racks to the left. All the way down the hallway and turning left will reveal an unreachable room with glass bottles and explosive canisters.

All throughout the Hideout, rats can be found and can be killed, which leaves very large puddles of blood.

Training Area (Target Range)

The Hideout contains multiple paper targets lined in different positions throughout the training area. These can be used as much as possible, and they can be used to test the accuracy of customized weapons and weapons found on missions.

Firearm Collection

The Hideout has multiple gun-racks where the player can collect weapons to use for later missions. Located on the left of the training area, the player can find and use their base of firearms for aim-training, or for later missions. The weapons picked up during missions can not be customized.

Along with collected weapons, the player automatically starts with five default weapons. Those being the Silverballer(s), the MP5 Tactical, the M4 Carbine, the SPAS12, and the W2000 Sniper. All of these weapons can be customized, and start in the Hideout with a fully loaded magazine, though more can be picked up on the table near the entrance.


  • Suit - Default starting gear for Agent 47. (Only disguise in the level.)


Main Room

Training Area



  • Agent 47's pet Canary, albeit in its cage, is indestructible and cannot be killed.
  • Even on a hacked profile, most weapons like the Custom 1911 cannot be found in the Hideout. The same goes for the World War I Pistol, and all melee weapons.
    • Strangely enough, the unused Mark III (if the "giveall" command was used on Curtains Down) rifle does appear on the gun-racks next to the Shotgun and the M14, if a mission is finished with it in Agent 47's inventory.
  • If the player watches the cinematic trailer on the menu screen, they will be able to see Agent 47 drop down from the ceiling of the Hideout and, presumably, kill a C.I.A Agent. This does not happen in-game.
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