The High Roller outfit is a disguise which would be available in Hitman Absolution if the player pre-ordered the game at Walmart. The suit has since been made available for purchase separately through Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP), PlayStation Store ($0.99), and Steam ($0.99) as a DLC

It is also a part of the Suit and Gun Collection DLC available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store, and Steam.


"This black tie tuxedo is worn by Agent 47 during upscale infiltration missions."


The High Roller outfit doesn't appear normally in Absolution, due to it being a DLC item. It must be purchased through Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP), PlayStation Store ($0.99), or Steam ($0.99).


  • The pre-order bonus from Walmart included the Krugermeier 2-2.
  • The suit is based off James Bond's suit from the James Bond series.

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