For achievements of other games in the Hitman series, see Achievements

In Hitman: Blood Money achievements can be earned. There are a total of 24 achievements for Xbox 360. Ultimately a total of 1000 gamerscore can be earned.

Icon Name To obtain: Xbox Secret?
1st mission complete 1st Mission Complete Complete Death of a Showman on any difficulty. 25 Gamerscore No
Rookie mode complete Rookie Mode Complete Complete Rookie difficulty. 25 Gamerscore No
Normal mode complete Normal Mode Complete Complete Normal difficulty. 50 Gamerscore No
Expert mode complete Expert Mode Complete Complete Expert difficulty. 75 Gamerscore No
Professional mode complete Professional Mode Complete Complete Professional difficulty. 150 Gamerscore No
Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt Unlock tier 2 of the Kruger Schmidt shop. 5 Gamerscore No
Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt Unlock tier 3 of the Kruger Schmidt shop. 15 Gamerscore No
Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt Unlock tier 4 of the Kruger Schmidt shop. 20 Gamerscore No
Fully Customised M4 Fully Customised M4 Purchase all M4 upgrades. 25 Gamerscore No
Fully Customised Silverballers Fully Customised Silverballers Purchase all Silverballers upgrades. 25 Gamerscore No
Fully Customised SMG Tactical Fully Customised SMG Tactical Purchase all Tactical SMG upgrades. 25 Gamerscore No
Fully Customised SP12 Shotgun Fully Customised SP12 Shotgun Purchase all SP12 upgrades. 25 Gamerscore No
Fully Customised W2000 Sniper Fully Customised W2000 Sniper Purchase all W2000 Sniper upgrades. 25 Gamerscore No
All firearms collected All Firearms Collected Collect all weapons to display in the Hideout. 100 Gamerscore No
Silent Assassin Silent Assassin Achieve a Silent Assassin rating. 25 Gamerscore No
5 Normal Silent Assassins 5 Normal Silent Assassins Achieve 5 Silent Assassin ratings on Normal difficulty. 25 Gamerscore No
5 Expert Silent Assassins 5 Expert Silent Assassins Achieve 5 Silent Assassin ratings on Expert difficulty. 50 Gamerscore No
5 Professional Silent Assassins 5 Professional Silent Assassins Achieve 5 Silent Assassin ratings on Professional difficulty. 100 Gamerscore No
Accidents do happen... Accidents do happen... Mask a kill as an accident. 20 Gamerscore Yes
47 kills in a mission 47 Kills in a Mission Complete a mission with exactly 47 kills. 20 Gamerscore Yes
Special Rating Notorious Complete a mission with 100/100 Notoriety. 50 Gamerscore Yes
Redemption Redemption Kill everyone in the mission Requiem. 50 Gamerscore Yes
High Roller High Roller Accumulate a total of $5 million. 50 Gamerscore Yes
Notorious Special Rating Achieve a Russian Hare rating. 20 Gamerscore Yes

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