PC version

For PC version of Hitman: Blood Money released in game retailers (with the disc), the player could edit the config file (hitmanbloodmoney.ini located in the directory of the game), by adding the line 'EnableCheats 1' at the end to activate cheats.

If the player had an updated version of the game, they had to edit the .ini file located in [Hard Disk letter]\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files(x86)\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money by, again, adding the line 'EnableCheats 1' at the end (the square brackets in the path name mean that the actual folder name is bound to be different in each computer. Most commonly, C:\ is the main hard drive, but it could be something else. The same happens with your username). Note that the AppData folder is hidden by default. To access it, you should either search for '%AppData%', or go to your [Username] folder, then press Alt to bring up a new set of options. Press the 'Tools' tab, then select 'Folder options...', and in the window that pops up, press the 'View' tab, then select the 'Show hidden files, folders and drives...' option, which will allow you to see the AppData folder (and other folders that are essential to your computer) at all times. Press 'Apply', then 'OK'.

Once the 'EnableCheats 1' line has been added, the player could press 'C' in-game to bring a list of commands available to him.

Alternatively, players can use a Trainer. This provides the player with the same list of cheats (God Mode, Infinite ammo etc.) as the above method. For the trainer to function, the application must be initialised WHILE the game is running. After that, the player will be required to type in a number as requested by the program to start the cheats; the number will correspond to the version of the game (Steam or store purchased). This number will be typed into the program's window which is small and features a blinking cursor.

Cheat list


  • godmode: Infinite health, but you still can be killed by Eve and ? if you step into their traps.
  • invisible: Does not trigger usual responses by the AI, such as being shot when seen with a gun, being warned of tresspassing, etc. The ? and some character will still be able to spot you, but at least you can do many things you cannot do in normal mode like draw your guns out, carry non-concealable weapons and still have interaction with NPCs. Sort of like being invisible, the tension will still rise, however. But at least they cannot target you accurately.
  • testcloth: Changes your outfit into various other sets of clothing in the level. Note that you will not be able to get your suit back on some missions;

Items & weapons

  • giveall (Not recommended): Gives all the items in the game, both obtainable and unobtainable. Will almost always crash game. When it works, most of the items are invisible and will crash the game if you try to use them on somebody.
  • givesome: Supposedly gives all the items in the level, but is considered a broken command, which in most cases, do nothing.
  • infammo: Infinite ammo, you ammo count will stay at 999, but if you turn that off, you may have a minus ammo count. The infinite ammo will take effect after you fired a shot.
  • infclip: Infinite magazine capacity, no need to reload, you magazine capacity will stay at 999, if you turn that off, you need several reloads sometimes.


  • beam here: Teleports 47 to where the cursor is pointing towards. This command is slightly broken, it will mostly work, as long you don't point at an "unreachable" area.
  • teleport: Teleports 47 to various locations of interest in the level, you can also teleport to most targets as well.


  • completelevel: Finishes the level;
  • show OSD: One of the few commands that are toggled on by default. Removes the HUD if turned off;
  • timemutiplier: Slows down or speeds up time. 1.00 is the default speed;

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