This page lists all confirmed glitches that appears in Hitman: Blood Money.

Detonator glitch

The glitch renders anything held in the left hand invisible, allowing 47 to hold large and unconcealable weapons, such as the SP12 Shotgun without having his disguise compromised. However, the Detonator glitch does not prevent a metal detector from detecting the weapon. It is performed by having a large weapon holstered and holding the detonator.

People walking through doors glitch

On many of the Hitman games, people walk through doors. It seems to happen in You Better Watch Out… the most. Sometimes, the hidden target (?) will walk through a door and after you kill her, all the guards do the same and then the door won't and cannot close. You can also stand inside people, by crouching down then standing up, which can put you inside another person.

Fiber wire glitch

This glitch occurs randomly. Sometimes, if you try to strangle an enemy as they are turning round, or as they notice you, you will continue the strangling animation and they will begin to attack you. When the animation is completed, they will stop attacking and simply die on the spot. Be careful though, as they will alert other guards.

Another way to get this glitch is to punch someone in the face, then run behind them and strangle them, doing this will cause them to repeatedly punch you until they fall over.

Hostage glitch

If you are holding a hostage and select a weapon though the number keys, you can pull out other weapons such as an SMG or you could pull out a coin, but the guards will still shoot you regardless of how stupid you look. When changing weapons, occasionally you will get the glitch where your arms are inside your torso and you walk without moving your legs. If you time it just right, you can take someone hostage while throwing away your gun, which looks creepy.

Human Shield Glitch

Since Hitman Blood Money, 47 can human shield a NPC, in order to use the character for protection in direct gun-fights or to knock him/her out. Sometimes, while you try to human shield a sitting character (for example, he is sitting on the couch), you might be able to do that, by sneaking behind him and pressing the "E" button. 47 will magically "withdraw" him through the couch, and the NPC will appear as a human shield. Attention: this will not work on all the couches/chairs, only a few are bugged. 

Stun Gun Glitch

In Flatline when you are in the morgue, use the stun gun on Agent Smith while you are crouched and after you use the stun gun on him, he will be awake and crouched but you still have the option to sedate him, after you sedate him this will not work and he is still crouched on the bed, sedate him again, but this time Agent Smith will disappear and the bed too, and the game will freeze. Note that this has only been proven to work on the Xbox version.

Guard Glitch

This is useful if you're spotted by guards trespassing and need to get them off your back without leaving the area.

Door Method

When a guard runs after you, immediately find a nearby door, get through it, close it, and stand right behind it. The guard will become confused, being unable to see you through the door and will leave you alone.

Weapon Method

When you're spotted by guards, stay out sight and fire an unsilenced weapon. This will cause them to get startled, causing them to run towards the noise and forgetting about you. Alternatively, you can use a silenced weapon and shoot it near them, again while out of sight.

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