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This page lists the easter eggs in Hitman: Contracts.

Agent 47 Genetics

Mission: Asylum Aftermath

Once you have acquired the hidden key card from the mansion in The Wang Fou Incident, return to the asylum (by playing Asylum Aftermath). When you find the Dual Golden Desert Eagles and a minigun, continue down the room until the end. The tanks at the end are the ones which supplied 47's original genetic data.

Laughing Corpse

Mission: The Meat King's Party If you stand close enough to The Girl's corpse on the second floor, you can hear laughter.

Licenced songs

The Meat King's Party: In the room with the corpse in , "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" by Paul Anka is playing in the background.

Beldingford Manor: In the room where Alistair and his friend are, the song playing on the gramophone is A Different Kind of Love by Dick Walter.

Rendezvous in Rotterdam: The song that can be heard on the entire first floor of the HQ is Immortal by Clutch.

Deadly Cargo: The song playing in the Dirty Rabbit strip club is Walking Dead by Puressence.

Hunter and Hunted: In the room with the drug addict and cop outside, the song playing is Le Souteneur (Pimp) by Faf LaRage.

The Ghost of the Thermal Bath Hotel

Mission: Traditions of the Trade

You can find the ghost in six different locations in the mission Traditions of the Trade. To find the hallway where the ghost is located, go to the hallway on the right of the ground level and keep on walking until you see a door with a sign on it saying "Wing Closed", either pick the lock of this door or open it with the Master Key. After you have opened the door then go left and open the double doors. Once you walk through the doorway you will be in a scary gray hallway.

There are five rooms down this hallway, and the ghost is in all five, and you can also find him walking through a door at the end of the hallway if you look closely.

  • The 1st location is in room 106. He is in the bathroom mirror and waves to you.
  • The 2nd ghost is in room 107.
  • The 3rd location is when he is walking through the door of room 108
  • The 4th is inside room 108. There is a policeman in there and he runs off (kill him if you wish to go inside). Then look in the mirror and there's the ghost again for the 5th time.
  • The 6th location is around the corner and you will see a dead body on the floor where you can get a shotgun. The ghost is in the bathroom.

Terminator 2 Reference

Mission: Traditions of the Trade

In the mission Traditions of the Trade, there is a box of roses in the florists shop, on the desk. Picking it up and using it will give 47 a SPAS-12. This is a reference to "Terminator 2", where the Terminator retrieves a lever-action shotgun from a box of roses. [This is a reference, not an Easter egg. It is not hidden in the game.]

Yin-Yang Symbol

Mission: Slaying a Dragon

In Slaying a Dragon, at the streets, there is a building with a Yin-Yang sign. If you shoot the white circle of the Yin-Yang symbol, the information box will read "Hello? Observe the contents of my easter egg, small child!". After that, go to the negotiators of the Blue Lotus Triad and the Red Dragon Triad at the park. Above their heads there will be dialog balloons with "HELLO POKEY" and "YES" written on them. If you kill the Red Dragon negotiator and the Blue Lotus negotiator notices you, he will flee to his limo, and the balloon written "HELLO POKEY" will appear when he reaches the limo. It is in reference to this comic strip.

NOTE: This only works with Yin-Yang Symbol that location is shown on the map below.

Bartender's shades

Mission: Rendezvous in Rotterdam

The bartender with the red shades in "Rendezvous in Rotterdam" has an obtainable disguise, unlike the same looking one in "Deadly Cargo". Switching into first person in this disguise will have an interesting effect, different indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, this effect was removed from the HD remasters and the Steam version.

Tattoo designs

Mission: Rendezvous in Rotterdam

In the mission "Rendezvous in Rotterdam", when you go to the room where the Biker gangs President's office is located; just opposite to the office there is a room where a bald man is standing. Go to the last room in the corridor and you will see a chair and a table in placed and the room is full of tattoo drawings.Enter the room and look in one of the tattoo boards hung up in the wall. You will see the Hitman insignia. Beside the Hitman insignia you will see the logo of the Freedom Fighters (Video Game) i.e. a hand holding a molotov cocktail and finally you will see the IO Interactive logo beside the Freedom Fighters logo along with drawings of other tattoos.


All Easter Egg's and Glitches-231:20

All Easter Egg's and Glitches-2


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