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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (abbreviated to Silent Assassin) is the second installment in the Hitman video game franchise, developed by IO-Interactive, released on October 1st, 2002.

The game takes place in Agent 47's shoes, after he killed his father Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer, and retires to Sicily.



Main Menu screen.

The game's introductory sequence shows the conversations of two men, Sergei Zavorotko and the Mystery Man, talks on a cargo ship about someone the mystery man saw in Rotterdam. They go to Dr. Ort-Meyer's cloning lab/mental asylum and find everybody inside to be dead. They find a few tapes that shows Agent 47 strangling an asylum guard and dragging his body to corner with a Fiber Wire, and blowing asylum guards and orderlies away with a shotgun. After watching the tapes, the mystery man concludes that the killer is none other than Agent 47, and Sergei decides to hire him. The two men then leave the building.

Many rumors arose that 47 was dead and died extremely wealthy. Therefore, 47 decides to leave his life as a contract killer and retreats to a Sicilian church owned by Father Emilio Vittorio. He works as a humble gardener at the church. Soon, Vittorio becomes a friend of 47. One day, 47 decides to confess his past to Vittorio. After his confession, a car arrives at the church, two people get out of the car. Vittorio says to them that the church is closed. But one of the persons assaults Vittorio and kidnaps him. He leaves a ransom of 500,000 dollars. Unable to pay that price, 47 contacts the ICA (International Contract Agency) and agrees to perform an assassination mission for information about the whereabouts of Vittorio. He gets information from the Agency that Vittorio is captured in basement of Gulliani's Villa Borghese.

47's 3 General targets

3 of 47's first targets (The five Generals) upon returning to the Agency

47 infiltrates the Villa Borghese and kills Gulliani, but fails to find Vittorio in the basement room; therefore, he takes Gulliani's car and escapes. To repay the debt on the Agency, 47 works with the Agency again. After the hit on the last General, he negotiates a payment raise and accepts more contracts from the Agency. Eventually, he gives up his search for Vittorio, believing him to be dead. He travels to various countries, namely Russia, Japan, Afghanistan, Malaysia and India to carry out contracts.

After some time, 47 learns that Vittorio's kidnapping was an elaborate setup by Sergei, the brother of one of 47's five fathers, to lure him out of retirement. He also learns that all of 47's targets were individuals who were involved in a transaction of a nuclear warhead, Sergei had bought recently, and that the items 47 was sometimes ordered to "retrieve" were all components of two nuclear missiles, which Sergei was planning to sell to a Sikh sect in Punjab, India. The warheads had key signature software that would fool the Americans into thinking the warheads were theirs, and therefore bypass the American missile defense system. Sergei, who has ties to the Russian government and military, needed to eliminate everyone involved in the deal, and therefore, offered 47 the contracts as the client. Learning this, 47 pursues Zavorotko, he escapes 47 and takes Father Vittorio hostage at the Gontranno Church.

47 confronts Sergei, where he gives a subsequent chase around the church in which he finally kills him, and frees Vittorio. Vittorio gives 47 his rosary and begs him to follow a good path. 47 decides that he is incapable of finding inner peace, and thus, leaves the rosary on the church door and eventually resumes his life as a hitman.


New featuresEdit

  • The fiber wire, the binoculars and the compass are now a permanent part of 47's arsenal and no longer need to be bought at the start of each mission. Also, the compass is now part of the HUD rather than an object.
  • Ratings: at the end of each mission, your stealth and aggression are rated. If you earn the Silent Assassin rating in a mission, a new weapon will be unlocked.
  • The map now shows all AI movements in real-time, including civilians, guards, policemen, VIPs and targets. In addition, it also shows elevators, doors, stairs, ladders, ICA pickup spots, and points of interest to help you traverse the map.
  • Anaesthetic: a new introduced weapon. Instead of killing enemies, it sedates them for a short period of time.
  • Silenced versions of select weapons, which don't alert guards.
  • During close encounters, 47 can knock out enemies with the butt of his weapon, creating another way to pacify enemies without killing them.
  • Addition of crouching, which allows 47 to hide behind a low object.
  • 47 can now run backwards, making movement more fluent and player-friendly.
  • Detailed statistics are shown at the end of each mission.
  • First-person mode, replacing the free-look view.
  • Ballers: a dual weapon treated as one.
  • Looking through the lock of a door is now possible.
  • Ability to pick locked doors.
  • Weapons gathered from previous missions can be used in the next ones, replacing the shop menu.
  • In some missions, Diana will talk to 47 to assist him in completing the mission.

Removed featuresEdit

  • Dual-wielding is no longer the default action when picking a handgun with another one already in hand. It's still possible with the Dual-handgun glitch, though.
  • The shop menu is no longer available, being replaced with the ability for players to use weapons and utilities acquired from previous missions or the Silent Assassin weapon award.
  • Free-look is removed (replaced by first-person mode).

Changed featuresEdit

  • Running now requires players to press the directional buttons, as opposed to the previous game where pressing the run button will make 47 run forward.


  1. The Gontranno Sanctuary
  2. Anathema
  3. St. Petersburg Stakeout
  4. Kirov Park Meeting
  5. Tubeway Torpedo
  6. Invitation to a Party
  7. Tracking Hayamoto
  8. Hidden Valley
  9. At the Gates
  10. Shogun Showdown
  11. Basement Killing
  12. The Graveyard Shift
  13. The Jacuzzi Job
  14. Murder at the Bazaar
  15. The Motorcade Interception
  16. Tunnel Rat
  17. Temple City Ambush
  18. The Death of Hannelore
  19. Terminal Hospitality
  20. St. Petersburg Revisited
  21. Redemption at Gontranno


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Other charactersEdit



Melee WeaponsEdit



  • The naming conventions for the weapons in this game have undergone a substantial simplification compared to that seen in the original, as can be seen;
  • The Beretta is now "9mm pistol"
  • The Colt Python is simply "revolver" (additionally, misspelled in-game as "Stub-nosed")
  • The PSM is simply ".54 pistol", et cetera

Reception Edit

Hitman 2 probably received the best reviews as compared to any other Hitman game and other games of 2002. IGN gave the game an 8.7 with a review "One of the more interesting games of 2002 returns with much needed improvement". GameRankings gave the game 85.02% on PS2, 84.88% on PC, 84.63% on Xbox, and 83.47% on GC. Metacritic gave amazing reviews, saying "IO Interactive has fixed almost every flaw for Hitman 2, the result is an almost perfect blend of action and stealth." with highest rating on PC of 87, followed by 85 on PS2, 84 on Xbox and 83 on GC. IMDb gave the game a 7.5 on 10. Gamespot gave the game a highest of 8.6 on PC, followed by 8.6 again on PS2, then 8.4 on Xbox and 8.3 on GC, saying "Hitman 2 virtually fixes all the problems of its predecessor and stands tall on its own merit as an outstanding action game". Eurogamer gave the game 7.9 on 10.

The user score of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was 90.

As of 2009, the game has sold a total of 3.7 million units, making it the best selling Hitman game so far.


  • This is the only numbered sequel so far.
  • It is the only Hitman game to be released on a Nintendo platform (Nintendo GameCube).
  • This is the second time (the first one is Hitman: Codename 47 with Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer) in which you only have one person giving most of the contracts throughout the whole game, who is later killed off in the final mission. With the exception of the first mission and the last, all of the contracts in this game was given by Sergei Zavorotko.
  • This game is part of the Hitman HD Trilogy.
  • The GOG version is 1.01 and uncensored.
  • The NPC guards are anti-running "nazis". Run and you will get shot.
  • The European release of the Hitman Collection on PC retail is DRM-free and already patched to the latest version.
  • Only the PS3 release version comes with spanish language support in the Hitman HD Trilogy, PC and Xbox 360 version only in english language in Retail, Steam or
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Italy The Gontranno Sanctuary - Anathema
Russia St. Petersburg Stakeout - Kirov Park Meeting - Tubeway Torpedo - Invitation to a Party
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