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List of events in hitman series (chronologically)

Given below are the list of events taking place in hitman series so far in chronological order:

  1. ===Events at the asylum- Ort Meyer's Journal (Enemy Within)===
  2. ===Agent 47 hired by the agency===
  3. ===Slaying a dragon ===
  4. ===The Wang Fou Incident===
  5. ===The Sea Food Massacre===
  6. ===The Lee Hong Assassination===
  7. ===The UWa Tribe===
  8. ===The Jungle God===
  9. ===Say Hello to my little friend===
  10. ===Traditions of the trade===
  11. ===Gunrunner's Paradise===
  12. ===Plutonium runs loose===
  13. ===The Setup===
  14. ===Meet you brother===
  15. ===Asylum Aftermath===
  16. ===The Gontranno Sanctuary===
  17. ===Anathema===
  18. ===St. Petersburg Stakeout===
  19. ===Kirov Park Meeting===
  20. ===Tubeway Torpedo===
  21. ===Invitation to a Party===
  22. ===Tracking Hayamoto===
  23. ===Hidden Valley===
  24. ===At the gates===
  25. ===Shogun Showdown===
  26. ===Basement Killing===
  27. ===Graveyard Shift===
  28. ===The Jaccuzi Job===
  29. ===Murder at the Baazar===
  30. ===The Motorcade interception===
  31. ===Tunnel Rat===
  32. ===Temple City Ambush===
  33. ===The Death of Hannelore===
  34. ===Terminal Hospitality===
  35. ===St. Petersburg Revisited===
  36. ===Redemption at Gontranno===
  37. ===The Meat King's Party===
  38. ===The Bjarkhov Bomb===
  39. ===Beldingford Manor===
  40. ===Rendevous in Rotterdam===
  41. ===Hitman: Enemy Within===
  42. ===Death of a Showman===
  43. ===A Vintage Year===
  44. ===Curtains Down===
  45. ===Hunter and Hunted (Contracts)===
  46. ===Flatline===
  47. ===A new Life===
  48. ===The Murder of The Crows===
  49. ===You better watch out....===
  50. ===Death on the Mississippi===
  51. ===Till Death do us Apart===
  52. ===A House of Cards===
  53. ===A Dance With The Devil===
  54. ===Amendment XXV===
  55. ===Requiem===
  56. ===Hitman: Damnation ===
  57. ===A Personal Contract===
  58. ===The King of Chinatown===
  59. ===Terminus===
  60. ===Run for you Life===
  61. ===Hunter and Hunted (Absolution)===
  62. ===Rosewood===
  63. ===Welcome to Hope===
  64. ===Birdie's Gift===
  65. ===Shaving Lenny===
  66. ===End of the Road===
  67. ===Dexter Industries===
  68. ===Death Factory===
  69. ===Fight Night===
  70. ===Attack of the Saints===
  71. ===Skurky's Law===
  72. ===Operation Sledgehammer===
  73. ===One of a Kind===
  74. ===Blackwater Park===
  75. ===Countdown===
  76. ===Absolution===

There is still a gap between Requiem and Damnation. And it is still unclear whether Hitman 6 will be a sequel or not.

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