Holiday Hoarders is a bonus mission in HITMAN™. It is part of the December 2016 update (released December 13th) and is partially created to support of the World Cancer Research Fund. It takes place in a Christmas themed version of The Showstopper.


  • Harry "Smokey" Bagnato
  • Marv "Slick" Gonif


Agent 47 is tasked to eliminate two thieves, Harry Bagnato and Marv Gonif, who are after Christmas presents in Palais de Walewska.



Main article(s): Holiday Hoarders/Challenges
  • Santa's Little Helper - Steal the 12 items the thieves are after before they do, without killing them.
  • Ho Ho Ho - Kill Harry and Marv in an accident while disguised as Santa 47.
  • Oh Deer - Kill Harry and Marv with an exploding propane flask after they return empty handed.
  • Bad 47 - Knock Marv out with bricks three times.
  • St. 47 - Complete all Secret Santa challenges. Rewards the Santa Suit for use in all missions, plus 8000 Paris mastery points.


  • The theme of the mission is based off the 1990 comedy film Home Alone.
    • The targets themselves are based on thieves Harry Lime, and Marvin Merchants, the antagonists of the first and second Home Alone films.