This page serves as a guide for the challenges of the Holiday Hoarders mission in HITMAN™, set in Paris, France. Another way to do the Santa's Little Helper challenge is if you get all of the items for one of the targets wait for the other target to get everything and pacify them. It will confuse the game once the Target has moved all of the items and the game thinks that since the items have moved it will grant you the challenge as complete.

Secret Santa

There are four challenges to complete; completing all four will grant the fifth challenge and unlock the Santa 47 outfit.

Santa's Little Helper

In order to complete this challenge, 47 has to steal all the twelve items the burglars are going to steal before they manage to do it.

Time is of the essence for this challenge, as both Harry "Smokey" Bagnato and Marv "Slick" Gonif will try to get these items at the same time, each of them getting six.

These are the items each of them will try to get, in the order they will try to get them.

Harry Marv
Item Location Item Location
Circumcision Knife Newspapers Agency Pickup (second floor)

The room with a balcony overlooking the helicopter.

Coconut Staff cafeteria (basement)
Fireworks Remote Detonator AV Room (second floor). Normal location. Apricot Kitchen (basement)
Saber Attic security area (third floor). Near the fusebox. Cannonball Display room (ground floor)
Branson MD-2 Microphone Attic security area (third floor). Near the covered wall that leads to the vampire magician outfit, on top of a box. Toy Tank Room to the right upon entering the palace by the main door (ground floor).

Near the guys talking about stealing clothes.

Cowboy Bust Attic starting point (third floor). Battle Axe Bar (ground floor).

Nailed on top of one of the tables.

Bust Attic security area (third floor). Near the laptop dongle. Shuriken Corridor near the bathrooms close to the runway backstage (ground floor).

In a clothes rack.

The trick is to get some of the first items one of the burglars is going to get, then get all the items from the other one, and finish the run by getting the final items of the first one.

An example of this run would be to get Harry's first two items, which are located on the second floor, then run to the basement, get all of Marv's items there, go to the ground floor, finish getting all of Marv's items and then get the remaining Harry's items from the third floor.

Another valid option would be to get Marv's items from the basement, go to the second floor and get both of Harry's items there, then go to the third floor and get the items there and finally to the ground floor to finish getting all of Marv's items there. However, this requires little to no pause, as Marv takes less time going to the ground floor than Harry takes to go to the third.

The items don't even actually have to be kept, just grabbing them from their location counts. Some of the items are weapons, which means that if 47 is not wearing a disguise that allows carrying weapons (i.e. Security Guard or CICADA Bodyguard), it will count as a crime and witnesses will tell on him, making this challenge more difficult. Particularly, the battle axe is impossible to retrieve without alerting witnesses as there are so many around it.

Note that in order to get past some sections in the attic unnoticed, a bodyguard disguise might be useful.

Once all the items are collected, the challenge will be completed.

Oh Deer

In this challenge, the player needs to assassinate both targets with a propane explosion. It is a requirement that none of the items are robbed by the targets, so it can be done after completing the Santa's Little Helper challenge.

After Harry and Marv come back from their route around the palace, they will meet in a room in the basement. The room is recognizable because there is a long table with presents in it. If 47 enters the room and is seen by the targets, both of them will enter "target lockdown" mode, and they will go hide somewhere.

In the nearby pantry, there are two propane flasks. Once Harry and Marv are together in the aforementioned room, throw a flask at their feet and shoot it with a pistol. If done correctly, it will explode, killing both targets and granting the challenge.

Ho Ho Ho

In this challenge, 47 must kill both targets in accidents while dressed as Santa.

There are plenty of accidents that can happen to both targets, so the most difficult part is getting the Santa costume. It can only be obtained from Santa, who will spawn at certain locations and immediately despawn after some time or if he sees 47.

This is the list of locations he spawns in:

  1. Main hall, left of the main staircase (ground floor).
  2. The bar, in front of the snacks (ground floor).
  3. The attic room where the Vampire Magician disguise is (third floor).
  4. The room with the special exit through the chimney, next to the AV Room (second floor).
  5. The security area in the attic, close to where the laptop dongle is located (third floor).
  6. The room next to the second floor kitchen area, where the Circumcision Knife is located (second floor).
  7. The pavilion where Max Decker meets Viktor Novikov (ground floor).
  8. The room in the basement where both targets will meet after the job is done, with a long table with food and presents (basement).
  9. Dalia Margolis' private bathroom (third floor).
  10. The balcony outside the auction room (third floor).
  11. The locker room (basement).

The Santa disguise has the same restrictions as 47 in his suit. If the player has access to the Santa disguise and is completing the previous challenge, killin both targets with a propane explosion will also grant this challenge.

Bad 47

In this challenge, the player needs to pacify Marv three times with a brick. This has to be done in the same run.

There is only one brick available in Paris, but this Bonus Mission has added some presents in the map that 47 can open. Many of them contain bricks. As an example, the one west of the main fountain near the sushi bar has three bricks.

Once the player has three bricks, it is time to go after Marv. Once found, throw a brick to his head and then lure somebody to alert the guards of an unconscious body. A guard will come, wake up Marv, and then after the coast is clear, throw another brick, and do the whole process yet one more time. Upon pacifying him for the third time, the challenge will be completed.

St. 47

Once all the other challenges are completed, this one will also be completed.