Disambig This article is about the Hitman: Contracts mission. For the Hitman: Absolution mission of the same name, see Hunter and Hunted (Absolution).
"This room.... This bullet....There's a bullet for everyone. And a time and a place. An end. Yes, maybe this is how it has to be. Inspector, you've obviously learned too much about me. I can't have that. Not even in my death."
Agent 47's intro monologue

Hunter and Hunted is the 12th and final level of Hitman: Contracts.

Target(s): Albert Fournier

Mission Briefing

Hello, 47 Diana here. Your next assignment is in Paris, at "L' Opera D'Orleans" to be precise. You have three targets, all three will be at the opera house on Friday. The first is Portuguese tenor "Philippe Berceuse", who will be playing "Mario Cavarodossi" in the opera "Tosca". His lifelong friend, American Ambassador "Richard Delahunt" will be attending the opera, along with a new friend of theirs "Inspector Albert Fournier" of the metro-politian police. All three targets must be eliminated. We've placed a package for you in the dressing room, under the name of "Flech Fisher". It's got some useful tools and more indepth information on the targets. Good luck, 47 there's a lot of money on the line with this one.

Mission Details

Three high-profile high-priced targets will be gathering at L'opera D'Orleans in Paris Friday evening. Our client wants all three eliminated, the first is Portuguese tenor Philippe Berceuse, who'll be playing the role of Mario Cavarodossi in Tosca. The second is his friend Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador. The third is their mutual friend / Inspector Albert Fournier of the metro politician police. Additional information and some valuable tools are waiting for you in the Opera's wardrobe room, under the name Flech Fisher. Eliminate all three targets and get to the airport.

TARGET: American Ambassador Richard Delahunt.

INFO: Richard Delahunt, former Governor of Massachusetts, one-time Presidential hopeful, and current Ambassador to the Vatican, has become a source of potential embarrassment and a diplomatic liability to our client.

TARGET: Portuguese tenor Philippe Berceuse.

INFO: Temperamental Portuguese tenor Philippe Berceuse has an important yet unclear role in Delahunt's operations and gives the former Ambassador "Palace Cred" with the Gilitterati.

TARGET: Inspector Albert Fournier.

INFO: Inspector Albert Fournier of the metropolitan police is as dirty as they come. He's also ambitious and his expanding reach has become problematic for our client.


INFO: Escape the area by whatever means necessary and proceed to De Gaulle airport.


47's hideout is surrounded by 51 GIGN members and police, who were sent by Albert Fournier. The objectives are to kill Fournier and escape. The mission briefing is actually an expired one for the Curtains Down mission in Hitman: Blood Money, in which 47 was meant to kill Fournier (though Fournier isn't listed among the targets in Curtains Down). This level is unusual in that it is joined "in progress" after 47 has already killed two of the three targets assigned. The reward for getting Silent Assassin on this level is a silenced variant of the PGM Sniper Rifle.



  • Firearms
    • GK17 - Carried by some of the cops and by Inspector Fournier.
    • MP5 - Carried by some of the SWAT.
    • SPAS 12 - Carried by some of the SWAT.
    • PGM Sniper Rifle - Carried by the rooftop snipers.
    • SG 220 .S - Inside the room with the incapacitated guest.
    • W2000 Sniper - Inside your room.
    • Silenced PGM Sniper Rifle - Bonus weapon for achieving a Silent Assassin rating.
  • Melee Weapons
    • Syringe - Inside the room with the deceased guest.


  • Suit: Rendered useless once you are outside of the hotel.
  • CRS: Quite useful, as long as 47 doesn't get too near the other police. Otherwise they will recognise him.
  • GIGN: Excellent for armour, especially if planning to shoot your way out. GIGN members will immediately see through it if you are carrying a weapon, but it doesn't arouse much suspicion otherwise.
  • Sapeur-Pompier: Only one fireman can be seen. He can go everywhere outside and carry ambulance keys. The best disguise in the mission since you are free of suspicion.


  • It is possible (but rather difficult) to ambush the SWAT team member that checks the bathroom in 47's hotel room using Fiber Wire without getting caught. Saving before and after the ambush is highly recommended.


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