The ICA19 (nicknamed the "Blackballer" by the community) is a handgun featured in HITMAN™.


Functionally similar to the Silverballers featured in previous Hitman games, the ICA19 is the first weapon available to the player and is the starting weapon for Agent 47 in every mission, unless the player picks an alternative during the planning stages before starting the mission.

The ICA19 holds 7 rounds in its magazine and the player will start with 35 rounds in reserve, for a total of 42. Following in suit with most other firearms, the ICA19 will kill in a single headshot or two shots to the body within its effective range but will require multiple shots to the body to kill a target as the range increases. After certain ranges, even single headshots cease to be lethal.

The ICA19 is a valuable tool in many cases, being suppressed, it can be fired with less risk of alerting nearby NPCs and it can be very useful for eliminating a target from distance, again, while remaining stealthy thanks to the suppressor. With the ICA19 being one of the only silenced firearms the player is able to choose to spawn with, the player should always bring it, or another variant, with them into the mission as obtaining effective firearms in the actual mission can be challenging at times, as they are not always suppressed, and being caught without a weapon available can be very detrimental to the player's progress.


  • The player starts with the weapon by default. (With the exception of Situs Inversus, due to the player requiring mastery level 20 to acquire loadout slots.)


  • ICA19-Chrome - The ICA19-Chrome is an all silver version of the ICA19, along with a silver suppressor. It was included for those who pre-ordered HITMAN™ along with the Requiem Suit, and can no longer be obtained that way, but can be obtained by buying the retail ("SteelBook") version of HITMAN™, or by downloading the DLC from Steam. The ICA19-Chrome is functionally exact to the ICA19.
  • ICA19 F/A - Unsuppressed, fully automatic variant with a bigger magazine capacity and extra ammunition in reserve.
  • ICA19 F/A Stealth - Suppressed, fully automatic variant with a bigger magazine capacity and extra ammunition in reserve.


  • The ICA19, along with the ICA19-Chrome, are just re-textured versions of the AMT Hardballer.
  • During the developmental stages, the ICA19 featured the fleur-de-lis engraved between the 'Custom Slide' and '.45 Caliber' markings similar to those found on the Silverballer. These markings were removed in the retail version.