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Instinct Mode

The red line represents the path of the enemy.

Instinct Mode is a gameplay mechanic feature in Hitman: Absolution that allows Agent 47 to see enemies and civilians through any layout and predict their movements. It also shows points of interest such as objects that can be used to stage accidents and propane tanks. While in disguise, using instinct allows 47 to go past others dressed in the same clothes without being recognized.

With the help of this skill, the player can easily avoid any enemy without being spotted, or set the perfect ambush.

Instinct can be gained by completing objectives, performing silent take-downs, assassinating targets, or by finding clever ways to bypass enemies.

HITMAN (2016)

Instinct returns in HITMAN™ (2016), but is severely toned down. It no longer shows NPC paths, and it is no longer required for anything, and can be turned off in the settings entirely. NPC icons are visible through insinct as well. The usage of instinct is no longer limited, and can be used as often as desired.

The color of the NPC outline determines their importance:

  • Every non-important NPC is shown with a white outline.
  • Witnesses are colored orange. If a witness sees 47 in the same outfit they saw 47 commit a crime, their suspicion meter will raise, unless 47 manages to get out of their view.
  • Targets are colored red. Note that Elusive targets are shown with a white outline.

When creating a contract, the desired targets can only be tagged through instinct.

Viewing a contract target through instict mode shows their name, and the weapon and disguise "requirements".


  • According to IO Interactive, this new feature is supposed to represent the innate intuition that 47 has acquired over his years as a professional hitman.
  • Beginning in Hard mode, when using Instinct, it depletes regardless of whether 47 is attempting to blend in or not. Checking enemy and civilian paths should be done sparingly.
  • Instinct Mode is also available in the Sniper Challenge as well, but it differs from the one in Absolution as it doesn't tell which way the guards will patrol. It has also been shown in previews that, unlike in the Sniper Challenge, the Instinct Mode in Absolution is limited and is also spent when 47 uses it, does point shooting or conceals his face while walking past someone. It apparently recharges when 47 completes objectives.

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