Invitation to a Party is the 6th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. The mission takes place in the German embassy in St. Petersburg, Agent 47's objectives are to kill Vladimir Zhupikov, steal the briefcase from the ambassador's safe and escape in the boat. An optional target is the Spetsnaz Agent, seeing as he tries to kill the ambassador, and then to escape with the briefcase recovered from the aforementioned safe.


  • Vladimir Zhupikov
  • Spetsnaz Agent

Mission Briefing

47 — this is Agency, Diana speaking. Your assignment is to eliminate Vladimir Zhupikov, the fourth general from the arms deal. He has defected to the German Embassy, and will be requesting asylum in Germany.
It is vital for our client that his suitcase is retrieved — it contains a guidance system the general probably will try and peddle to the highest bidder in the West.
There is a party tonight at the Embassy, and loads of glitterati and socialites — a perfect cover for your assignment, so wear a tux.
Unfortunately, we couldn't provide an invitation. And remember — security is ultra tight, so bringing any sorts of weapon in from the outside is impossible.
There's more. The Russians are furious about the prospect of a former general defecting to a NATO-country.
We have surveillance recordings of a Spetznaz agent receiving an invitation to this party — check this video to identify this agent.
We also recorded the General arriving at the embassy. See to it that you get that briefcase, it's standard ICA practice, we don't want problems with competitors, 47.
I repeat, take out the general and get the suitcase. Good luck, 47.




  • Guard - Can go anywhere (one can be found in the basement locker room).
  • Suit - 47's standard suit will allow access the first and second floors, as well as to walk out with the suitcase. However, no access is allowed to the basement.
  • Guest - Same as suit.
  • Waiter - Useful for Silent Assassin, but you can't go to the second floor via the main staircase; you can, however, via the servant's staircase, though.






Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Invitation to a Party08:46

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Invitation to a Party

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