Ivan Zilvanovitch appears in Hitman: Codename 47 in the mission Gunrunner's Paradise and in the mission Plutonium Runs Loose. He is Arkadij Jegorov's (a.k.a. Boris) front man. 47 used a tracking device on Ivan to get to Boris, whom he killed. He is a VIP in Gunrunner's Paradise, but can freely be killed in Plutonium Runs Loose, where he appears in the engine room.


Probably the most vicious clown to ever feature in a freak show, he began his criminal career as a poor pickpocket on the streets of Moscow; however, his love for cards and drugs left him in utter ruin, with no way out except suicide.

As luck would have it, his jump off a bridge was mistimed and, instead of splattering his brains all over the road, Ivan crash-landed through the roof of a railway wagon, into a heap of props belonging to a traveling circus.

Amazed by the startling irony and seeing it as proof that he was immortal, Ivan decided to begin life anew by joining the circus as a daredevil clown, and then later gained control of the whole circus, which now serves as a front for his gun-trafficking business.



  • His trademark of evil appears to be a diabolical laugh.
  • His weapon of choice is the Beretta 92F Pistol.
  • There is a scarecrow functioning as a training doll in The Gontranno Sanctuary in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin which has Ivan's clothes and hat.

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