Jaeger 7 is a sniper rifle in HITMAN™. There are multiple variants of the gun.


"A modern marksman's rifle. Highly accurate and modular, allowing extensive customization."




  • Jaeger 7 - The first variant the player can unlock is the normal Jaeger 7 rifle, which has a suppressor, is subsonic (very quiet with reduced damage), and a scout scope for faster aiming. It can be unlocked when reach mastery level 5 in The Showstopper.
  • Jaeger 7 Lancer - The second variant is unlocked by reaching level 20 on World of Tomorrow mastery. This variant has piercing ammo, which allows multiple kills if the targets are lined up, two zoom levels but no silencer, and is not subsonic.
  • Jaeger 7 "Tiger" - Third variant. Unlocked by reaching level 15 on Bangkok. Silencer, subsonic, higher rate of fire and camouflage pattern. Only one zoom level.

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