The Jaeger 7 is a sniper rifle in HITMAN™.


"A modern marksman's rifle. Highly accurate and modular, allowing extensive customization."



  • Suppressor-Icon Suppressor - Quiet, reduced range.
  • Subsonic-Icon Subsonic - Very quiet, reduced damage.
  • Scout-Icon Scout - Can be aimed quickly, increased rate of fire.


  • Jaeger 7 Covert - A quieter variant.
  • Jaeger 7 Lancer - Un-suppressed, more powerful variant with piercing ammunition, 2x zoom and the 'Marksman' attribute.
  • Jaeger 7 Tiger - Faster rate of fire with a bigger magazine and extra ammunition in reserve.


  • The basic Jaeger 7 doesn't have the "Subsonic" perk, despite being marked as such. It has an audible distance of about 6 units, which is the same as other weapons with suppressors but without the 'Subsonic' attribute.
    • On the other hand, the Jaeger 7 Covert does act like it has the perk. Its audible range is about 2 units, which is the same as the Krugermeier 2-2 and Sieger 300 Ghost.
  • The Jaeger 7 Lancer's piercing ammunition allows it to kill multiple NPCs if they're lined up. Its bullets penetrate thin surfaces as well. It is one of the four rifles with the 'Marksman' perk which simulates a time dilation for more accurate shots. It's also one of the two rifles that can kill most NPCs with one shot to the body, the other being the Sieger 300 Ghost. However, unlike the Ghost, it cannot kill Dino Bosco in one headshot.