James Seth Lynch is a medicated schizophrenic and psychopath. He appeared as the deuteragonist of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and the main protagonist of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.


James Seth Lynch was born on April 11, 1964. He formerly managed a warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before being arrested and convicted of murder of his wife Annie and sentenced to death row. He stands 6"1", has green eyes, and receding long hair. He is a medicated schizophrenic and psychopath. He had a girlfriend named Xiu, who was murdered by Shangsi during the events of Dog Days. It is currently unknown if he killed his wife.

The Franchise Conspiracy (Blood Money)

Adam "Kane" Marcus and James Seth Lynch appear in the paper twice. The first time during his hit at an abandoned amusement park and states they broke out of death row transportation by the notorious gun-for-hire organization known as The7, and the second time is after a hit at the Shamal and states the police are giving up the manhunt but the Federal Bureau of Investigation aren't.

Diana's contract

He makes a cameo appearence in after the events when 47, under the information of Birdie, went to retrieve his Silverballers. He is on the firing ranges shooting up garden gnomes with his trademark shotgun, the player can hear a small dialog when approaching him and a guard will eventually warn him off if he keeps shooting the gnomes.


  • He can be killed as a target in Contracts Mode. While eliminating him unseen can be a challenge, it is possible: he can either be sniped from the far end of the range, or lured into entering the owner's office via distraction (the player will have to get the guard out of the way first, lethally or non, but the wardrobe will hold two bodies).
  • He will also be featured in an easter egg scene in the Dexter Industries level: if 47 shoots the suspended nuclear device in the foyer, it will detonate. Lynch will be seen relaxing in the desert some distance away, and will be incinerated in the blast.


Kane & Lynch in Hitman Absolution Easter Egg Part 201:53

Kane & Lynch in Hitman Absolution Easter Egg Part 2

Lynch appearance in Hitman: Absolution

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