Jasper Knight is a target that appears in the 2016 release HITMAN™.


Knight was world famous chess master who murdered the Soviet ambassador to the US. The ambassador was planning to defect to the West, and Knight, a Soviet spy working under order from the KGB, ingeniously poisoned the ambassador with ricin-coated chess pieces during a private match.

Knight then fled to communist Cuba, awaiting safe conduct across the Iron Curtain. When Langley discovered what had transpired, they hired the International Contract Agency to eliminate Knight.

The assassin, ICA's training director Erich Soders during his active years, caught up with Knight at a remote airfield in communist Cuba where he was meeting his KGB contact and assassinated him.


  • If the player disguises as the KGB Officer and gets Knight to follow Agent 47 into the communications, room, he will use the alias "Blind Tailor", a reference to Tommy Clemenza (Tommy the Tailor) from Hitman: Absolution
  • His name might be a reference to former soundtrack composer for all the previous Hitman games Jesper Kyd.

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