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The Jean Danjou and the Jean Danjou II are superyachts built by Lurssen and are owned by The Agency and Diana Burnwood.


The agency refitted the salvage tug to accommodate covert operations such as allowing swift deployment of agency assets around the world as well as offering a concealable landing pad for Agency and Agency affiliated helicopters to land on.


While Diana maintains ownership of her family estate in Beaconsfield along with several other properties in Europe and North America. She most often resides on the agency-fitted luxury yacht called the "Jean Danjou".

In Hitman: Enemy Within, Diana revealed to own this 250 ft. salvage-tug-turned-yacht, on which she stays while communicating with 47. It doubles as a carrier for armored and weapon-equipped vehicles for their agents as well as for CIA agents to use.[1]

In Hitman: Damnation, the Jean Danjou II is said to be a 360ft long superyacht owned by no particular person or company, and is used by the Agency. The boat is said to be occupied by ex-military personnel and some of the world's savviest IT and encryption specialists, all working for the ICA. Benjamin Travis is said to have one of the main offfices on the boat, as well as probably be the main manager of the whole ship.[2]



  • The yacht was named after "Jean Danjou", one of the most decorated captains in the French Foreign Legion,[3] which 47's Five Fathers all served in.


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