Ji-HuĀ (also known as "The Fugitive") is the 25thĀ elusive targetĀ inĀ HITMANā„¢. He appeared in the missionĀ Situs InversusĀ from June 23rdĀ to July 3rd,Ā 2017.


The State Security Department operative known as "Ji-Hu" is notoriously elusive.

The first concept of the briefing said that he is linked to a number of hybrid conflict operations in mainland China, South Korea and Japan. In a touching example of international cooperation, the intelligence services of all three nations have placed a combined Contract with the ICA for the targetā€™s elimination.


  • The target is one of the three patients who have recieved a facial reconstruction surgery. One of them has a otoplasty which leaves his ear covered, the other one has keratoplasty which leaves one of his eye covered and the last one has rhinoplasty which leaves his nose covered. One of the three patients is chosen randomly as target every time the player start the mission or restart the mission.
  • The three patients have three different routes, each route also randomly assign to each patient every time the player start the mission or restart the mission.
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    Otoplasty Patient

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    Keratoplasty Patient

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    Rhinoplasty Patient