Jonathan Smythe (also known as "The Sensation") is the 4th Elusive Target in HITMAN™


"The media sensation Jonathan Smythe has been on the run from the authorities for the last three years. Following a multiple homicide in his late teens, he fled underground where he has built a highly successful music and media career. He actively flaunts his outlaw nature, and uses it to bring new fans to his brand.

He lives in hotels under assumed names, and on yachts in international waters, far beyond the reach of conventional justice. He has been unable to resist the lure of the fashion-event of the year, but will likely only remain in Paris for a few hours."

HITMAN - Elusive Target 4 - The Sensation

HITMAN - Elusive Target 4 - The Sensation

The Sensation
Target Jonathan Smythe
Method Any
Diguise Any
Location Paris - The Showstopper
Date 14th - 16th June 2016
12th - 22nd January 2018


  • According to his trailer, Smythe's first album was titled "Traceless" and he has $1.2 billion in a holding company in Malta named ULTRA.
  • The mission briefing claims "Traceless" was downloaded fifty million times in the first three months after it's release. This is highly unrealistic compared to the real-life record-holders for most downloaded album or single as of the contract's release. Counting all album sales makes the fifty million figure much more feasible, but still hadn't been achieved by a new album since the invention of Napster or iTunes.
  • The International Contract Agency was unable to link him to a personal address, noting that he lives between yachts on international waters and hotels under assumed names.
  • One of the party-goers gossips about his multiple homicide charge in detail, describing it as "torpedoing a carpool of teens off the road".
  • He is one of the youngest targets ever to appear in the series at the age of 19-22, only being older than Mark Parchezzi III who was technically only 1-2 years old at the time of his assassination.