Joseph "Swing King" Clarence was the owner of Southland Amusement Park. After its destruction, he allowed his friend Scoop to use it as a cover for drug smuggling. He is killed by Agent 47.


Early Life

Clarence was a successful, locally famous amusement park entrepreneur known as "Swing King" in Baltimore for most of the 80s and 90s, until a Ferris wheel in his park collapsed due to a construction failure and killed 36 people.

Clarence went to court, presumably for negligience, but was cleared of all charges. However, the accident cost him his customers, his entire fortune and his trophy wife as a result (she is pictured in the opening cinematic as a very attractive blonde, and Clarence calls her "Rachel" during the phone call).

Hitman: Blood Money

In order to stave off bankruptcy, he rents the park out to Scoop, the leader of a crack cocaine ring. Being a heartless gangster, Scoop refused to either leave or pay Clarence.

47 was hired to kill Clarence by the father of one of the accident victims, who requests that he be shown a photo of the boy before he dies. In the act of killing Clarence, 47 also liquidates Scoop, his whole gang, and a chemist.



  • Joseph was a big fan of baseball and placed baseball memorabilia in his office, which included signed posters, medals and a mounted bat used for a perfect home run in the 1970s.
  • He employs his niece, Carol Anne, as a secretary.
  • He will beg 47 for his life, even saying he will pay "triple" the amount of money 47 received for the contract, a dubious promise regarding his financial status after the lawsuits. 47 must kill him to finish the mission though.
  • Joseph was assassinated on January 9, 2004.
  • His nickname "Mr. Swing King" is presumably from the Danish song by the same name, by the Danish 80's band named Gnags. The developers at the time were mostly of Danish origin. It could also have been inspired by his baseball interest.

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