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Katia Van Dees (real name Quatre-Vingt-Dix, french for Ninety) is a genetically trained girl who has the similar skills of Agent 47 but is 43 versions better than him. She first appeared in the latest Hitman movie, Hitman: Agent 47. She had to be abandoned by her father at a young age. She partners with Agent 47 in an early stage of the film and her survival abilities are shown thought the show when she escapes from the plane engine and knows where the enemies are during the film.

Skills and Abilities

  • Survival Instincts: She has an innate ability to know what to do in situations to escape danger, despite consciously not knowing what to do in the first place. He instincts can also subconsciously give her combat techniques to win in a fight as well as various battle tactics.
  • Physical Enhancements: Like 47, she too is a genetically engineered suer soldier, whose natural abilities, - strength, speed, stamina, metabolism, endurance, intelligence - are beyond human limits.

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