Kieran Hudson (also known as "The Paparazzo") is the 23rd elusive target in the 2016 release HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission The Showstopper from April 7th to April 18th, 2017.


Hudson is a paparazzo of the worst sort, entirely willing to steal, cheat and lie to secure compromising stories about celebrities. He is currently targeting Sebastian Sato with the intent of discovering and revealing whatever scandal it is that has forced the designer to work with Viktor Novikov.

Hudson's strategy is to relentlessly approach security guards and checkpoints where he will attempt to bluff his way past them in the hopes of finding a hole or catching a single, opportunistic picture.


Hudson is closely followed by a CICADA bodyguard, who prevents him from taking pictures and accessing private areas. When followed by the bodyguard, Hudson's route is as follows:

  • Main hall, bottom of the main stairs.
  • The dressing room entrance, where a security guard stops him.
  • The room that has access to the back of the palace, where two people are seen talking about Helmut Kruger and will comment on the resemblance between 47 and Kruger.
  • The outside part of the main bar, where he leans on a balaustrade on the far left.
  • The main bar
  • He also pretends to enter the main room, hiding close to the door as soon as he enters, only to go back to the bar once the bodyguard goes by. However, this is soon noticed by the bodyguard, who keeps tailing him after a while.

Once the bodyguard is taken out, Hudson keeps following the same route, however at one point (right after entering the main hall from the dressing room entrance) he will stop. If nobody is around, other than bystanders (including 47), he will make his way onto the basement through the service stairs that are located below the main stairs. Once in the basement, he will be found by a security guard and told to go away. If 47 get rid all the people who can spot him, he can make it to the garden where he will take some photos.


  • The client of this contract is Jackie Carrington, former sitcom star and an NPC in Club 27.
  • There's a bodyguard following Hudson, possibly suspecting him to be a paparazzo. Unless the bodyguard is taken out, the target will not make any attempt to approach Sato. If Hudson is lured by throwing objects near him, the bodyguard will follow him too.
  • When the bodyguard is taken out, Hudson will infiltrate the basement to get to Sebastian Sato. If he's spotted by a guard or he sees 47 when he's in the basement, he'll go back to ground floor.
  • If 47 is wearing a suit when the target sees you in the basement, he will ask why 47 is in the basement before going back to ground floor.

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