The Kitchen Assistant outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™. The disguise allows the player to poison food and drinks without causing suspicion.


World of Tomorrow

Worn by the chefs in the ice cream shop and Villa Caruso.  Kitchen Assistants can enter the garden, the basement, the ground floor and the kitchen building of Villa Caruso. Further more, they’re allowed inside the employee area of the ice cream shop and the clock tower.

The Icon

Worn by the chefs at the movie set. Just like in World of Tomorrow the disguise can be used to gain access to the clock tower and ice cream shop.


Worn by the chefs in the ice cream shop and the bakery. Disguised as chef 47 is allowed inside the Ice Cream Shop, Clocktower, the Sanguine store, the bakery and behind the market stands.

The Author

The disguise grants access to all the areas mentioned in Landslide except for the market stands, which don't appear in this mission.


The Kitchen Assistant outfit appears in the following missions: