The Kitchen Staff outfit is a disguise that can be found in Hitman™.



Worn by the chefs of the Himmapan Hotel. It grants access to all staff only areas of the hotel with the exception of the security rooms, the receptionist’s area, the atrium roof and the office of the hotel manager. The kitchen staff also can’t access any hotels rooms or the Queen Suite. The ground floor of the Emperor Suite can be entered, but in Club 27 the bodyguards at the staircase will frisk 47.


The Kitchen Staff outfit appears in the following missions:



  • Entering the VIP lounge in the kitchen staff disguise is only considered as trespassing when the player moves through the guarded door. By using the second door or climbing onto the balcony the player can enter the lounge and freely walk around the NPCs without any alerts. It’s unknown whether this is a bug or intentional.