Kowloon Triads in Gang War was Agent 47's first mission after being employed by the International Contract Agency. It was the first of four missions of the task to assassinate Lee Hong. Kowloon Triads in Gang War was remade in Hitman: Contracts as Slaying a Dragon.



The mission was the start of many Asian-set missions for Agent 47. This mission detailed having to assassinate a Red Dragon Triad negotiator during a meeting with a Blue Lotus Triad emissary at Chiu Dai Park in Hong Kong.

The ultimate goal was to assassinate Lee Hong, leader of the Red Dragon Triad, a powerful man who was feared, and rightfully so. However, the triad had to be weakened, and it was hoped that by killing the negotiator, the starting of a gang war between the Blue Lotus and the Red Dragon would be triggered, thus spreading out and thinning Hong's security.


The surrounding area was an apartment-run complex of streets with multiple publicly available window shafts to access the roofs of said buildings. The park and pagoda in the middle were lush in plants and grass, and multiple Asian civilians roamed the streets. The Blue Lotus would come in later in limousines, and would guard the park after arriving, with the negotiator and the emissary strolling through the pagoda.

Mission Briefing

"Welcome to Hong Kong,

Enclosed in this download you will find information about your mission and a shopping list of weapons, gadgets and information that the agency is able to deliver.

For this mission we will give you your reward of $13,000 up front—spend it wisely. Remember that if the hit gets messy we will send a cleaner and deduct the money from your account.

Your mission in Hong Kong will be fairly complicated. The ultimate target is a triad leader named Lee Hong. He is too well guarded and even if you succeeded in eliminating him, chances are that you would not get out of Hong Kong alive. The agency has prepared a plan that will make Lee Hong lose his influence outside his mansion.

We will get back to you when you have completed your first mission."

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency


  1. Eliminate Red Dragon Negotiator.
  2. Blue Lotus Emissary must survive.
  3. Escape to the rendezvous point.

Reward: $13,000



Kowloon Triads in Gang War Map

"The two most powerful triads in Hong Kong, the Red Dragon and Blue Lotus, have arranged a meeting in Chiu Dai Park. The leader of the Red Dragon Triad, Mr. Lee Hong has sent his chief negotiator to deal with the Blue Lotus Triad. Assassinating the Hong's chief negotiator could trigger a war between Blue Lotus and Red Dragon. You must leave the area by making it to the rendezvous point."






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