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ICALogoRecreation It's a straightforward assignment, 47.
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Landslide is a bonus mission in HITMAN™. It was announced at the same time as The Icon and A House Built on Sand, but wasn't released until January 31st, the same day as the physical version.

Alongside the confirmation, it was revealed that the two previous Summer bonus missions will become available for public purchase once Landslide was released.


47 is hired by Silvio Caruso to eliminate Marco Abiatti, a crooked mayoral candidate.

Mission Briefing

The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

"Good evening, 47. Your destination is Sapienza, Italy. Your target is Marco Abiatti, a wealthy businessman returning to his hometown to run for mayor. A snake-tongued right-wing populist with mafia ties and money to burn, Abiatti is already comfortably ahead in the polls.

However, beneath his silk suits, Abiatti is a callous thug and organized crime is certain to follow in his wake.

Our client, the renowned bioengineer Silvio Caruso, sees Abiatti as a threat, not just do his ancestral town, but the entire country, and he has asked us to dispose of this would-be patrician.

I will leave you to prepare."

Diana Burnwood







Shoot Abiatti through the partition in the confessional.

Electrocute Abiatti on stage.

Impale Abiatti with the spire.

Impale Abiatti with a pen.

Crush Abiatti with a speaker.

Crush Abiatti with the church bell.

Crush Abiatti with a chandelier.


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