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Last Man Standing is a gameplay concept that appears in Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money. When Agent 47 has lost all of his health, he will enter this mode.

Hitman: Contracts

When the player has lost all health, the screen becomes whiter and whiter, slower and slower. The player can open doors, equip weapons, pick up items and even escape the level, but they must score at least four headshots to escape the mode. If the player succeeds, the player will go back to the game with some health, but another shot will kill 47. If the player fails, 47 will die. Alternatively, if the player has completed all objectives and is very close to the exit, it is possible to escape while in slow motion.

Hitman: Blood Money

Same as the above except that the screen becomes red. It is not possible to open doors, equip new weapons (apart from close combat), pick up items or escape the mission. The player must score three headshots to escape the mode. if the player succeeds, the player can use Painkillers and the Adrenaline Syringe to restore most of health one time only.


  • A similar concept appears in Max Payne 3, also labelled as Last Man Standing. If the player has lost all health but still has Painkillers and ammo, they have a chance to kill the enemy that is attacking. If the player succeeds, Max will use painkillers and continue to lie down in the direction the enemy hit him until promted.

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