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Layla Stockton
Layla Stockton
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Status: Deceased
Affiliations: Blake Dexter
Dexter Industries
Weapon: Layla's JAGD P22G
Real-world information
Appearances: Hitman: Absolution
Voice Actor: Traci Lords

Layla Stockton is the personal assistant and advisor of Dexter Industries CEO Blake Dexter.


She is designated as a target of 47 in the mission Blackwater Park. There is very little information available as to Layla's background. Her in-game biography states that she is 28 years old and is both a personal assistant and advisor to Blake Dexter. She is seen accompanying him throughout the majority of the game, and is very loyal - staying behind in the penthouse to hold off 47 while Dexter prepares to escape with Victoria. Her wardrobe consists of short skirts and low cut blouses. It is implied that Dexter and Layla have a subtle sexual relationship from his advances and sexual harassment, which she openly protests about. She knows of Wade, and dislikes being in his presence. She is distraught when she witnesses Dexter murdering a cleaning lady at the Terminus Hotel as she thinks that it was unnecessary. In Countdown, Dexter is infuriated by news of her death, but in the end is more concerned about his money, implying that he would rather have the money than Layla.



  • Layla has a custom JAGD P22G unique to her, which is gold-plated.
  • If you approach her while in a disguise after an alert has been triggered, she will say "I want 47's dead body brought to me. I need to... get a sample.", implying that Dexter has ordered her to collect a sample of 47's DNA upon killing him, presumably for research in his labs.
  • If the level is alerted and Layla's AI is "Hunting", she will search the level for you and taunt 47 by saying "47, you there? Why don't you tell me all about how you murdered Diana? Sounds like you had fun doing it!". This is strange, as Layla or Dexter never saw 47 seemingly killing Diana, unless they are affiliated with ICA or Benjamin Travis in some way (although Dexter's inquiry of Jade Nguyen in his conversation with Birdie may have allowed both him and Layla to acquire information regarding Diana's supposed death).
  • Despite having come face to face with 47 twice during the game, she will not recognize him during the penthouse mission if he is in a disguise, even with his face visible.
  • There is a strange glitch when 47 kills Layla at the balcony in different ways. Even though she is being killed, she also still speak about ladybugs in her death. This can be seen through this video.
  • If 47 follows Layla into the panic room, she will act seductively towards him and beginning stripping off her clothes. However, this turns out to be a trap and she pulls out her JAGD P22G. Failing to kill her in time will result in her shooting 47. After that, a death cutscene will play where Layla goes over to 47 and crushes his throat with her foot.


  • "You're a hard man to kill. I love a hard man..."
  • "Let Layla take you to heaven."
  • "Should've been a nun... but I like to fuck."
  • "Die, motherfucker!" (During the panic room duel)
  • "Fucker!" (During the game over death scene)

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