Lilly S. Dukes was a character encountered in the mission Birdie's Gift in Hitman: Absolution.

Character Information

Lilly is the daughter or, more likely, granddaughter of the owner of a gun shop in Hope, South Dakota 47 visits to get his Silverballers back after Birdie sold them. The owner offers to sell them to 47 if he beats Lilly's high score of 471 at the shooting range. She wears a shirt that leaves her belly exposed and has a star-shaped piercing in her belly button. After you beat her in the gun challenge, if you kill her, her along with the gun store owner and the rest of the customers (except one woman), they will not count as civilians  


  • Lilly may be an homage to the character Daisy Duke from the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard as they have similar names and appearances and are skilled at marksmanship, though Lilly wears camo-patterned cargo pants instead of the show's iconic "Daisy Dukes."
  • Lilly has a tattoo across her waist close to the groin that says "Hope is Here."
  • Lilly is voiced by Parisse Boothe, daughter of Powers Boothe, who is the voice of Hitman: Absolution secondary antagonist Benjamin Travis.