This page lists all miscellaneous items featured in the Hitman series. Weapons are excluded here. They are sometimes objectives or obligatory to completing objectives, can sometimes be used for various more or less useful purposes, and sometimes they are just fun and do not have any practical uses.

Hitman: Codename 47

The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

The Lee Hong Assassination

Find the U'Wa Tribe

The Jungle God

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Traditions of the Trade

Gunrunner's Paradise

Plutonium Runs Loose

The Setup

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The Gontranno Sanctuary


St. Petersburg Stakeout

Kirov Park Meeting

Tubeway Torpedo

Invitation to a Party

Tracking Hayamoto

Shogun Showdown

Basement Killing

The Graveyard Shift

The Jacuzzi Job

Murder at the Bazaar

  • Key (Objective)
  • Map (Objective)

Temple City Ambush

The Death of Hannelore

Terminal Hospitality

St. Petersburg Revisited

Redemption at Gontranno

Hitman: Contracts

Asylum Aftermath

The Meat King's Party

The Bjarkhov Bomb

Beldingford Manor

Rendezvous in Rotterdam

Deadly Cargo

Traditions of the Trade

Slaying a Dragon

The Wang Fou Incident

The Seafood Massacre

The Lee Hong Assassination

Hunter and Hunted

Hitman: Blood Money

Death of a Showman

Curtains Down


A New Life

The Murder of Crows

You Better Watch Out…

Death on the Mississippi

Till Death Do Us Part

A House of Cards

A Dance with the Devil

Amendment XXV


Hitman: Absolution

A Personal Contract

The King of Chinatown


Run For Your Life

  • Note Book

Hunter and Hunted


Shaving Lenny

Death Factory

  • Security log

Fight Night

Blackwater Park


  • TNT (Objective)

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