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This is a list of weapons that are used in the Hitman series.

Name Type Ammo Magazine Based On Codename 47 Silent Assassin Contracts Blood Money Absolution
Silverballers Pistol .45 ACP 7/9 AMT Hardballer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fiber Wire Stealth None 0 Fiber Wire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anaesthetic Stealth Anaesthetic 5 Anaesthetic No Yes No Yes Unknown
Sedative syringe Stealth Sedative 2 Sedative syringe No Yes Yes Unknown
Poison syringe Stealth Poison 2 Poison syringe No Unknown
SLP 40 Pistol .45 ACP 12 Heckler & Koch USP No No No Yes Unknown
Desert Eagle Pistol .50 AE/ .44 Magnum /.357 Magnum 7/8/9 Desert Eagle Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP5 SMG 9mm 25 / 30 (depending on which game it is found in) Heckler & Koch MP5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMG-SD6 SMG 9mm 30 Heckler & Koch MP5 suppressed Yes
9mm Pistol Pistol 9mm 15 Beretta 92FS Yes No
9mm Pistol SD Pistol 9mm 15 Beretta 92FS suppressed Yes No
Snub Nosed Revolver Revolver .38 6 Colt Python No
Double-barreled Shotgun Shotgun 12 GA 2 Winchester Model 21 shotgun Yes
R93 Sniper Sniper rifle 7x57mm 6 Blaser R93 Yes Yes Yes No
SVD Sniper / Dragunov (depending on which game it is found in) Sniper rifle 7.62x54mmR 10 Dragunov sniper rifle Yes Yes Yes
AK-47 Rifle 5.45x39mm 30 AK-47 No
AK-74 Rifle 5.45x39mm 30 AK-74 No No Yes No
.54 Pistol Pistol 5.45x17mm 10 PSM pistol No
Golf club Melee None 0 1 wood Golf club No Yes No No Yes
Kitchen knife Melee None 0 Yes Yes Yes
Combat knife Melee None 0 SOG Knife No
W2000 Sniper Rifle .308 10 / 12 (Depending on which model it is and the game it is found in) Walther WA 2000 Yes Yes Yes
Crossbow Sniper Rifle? Crossbow bolts 1 Crossbow Yes No
Katana Melee None 0 Katana Yes No Yes
.22 Suppressed Pistol .22 LR 12 Ruger MK II No Yes No No Yes (DLC)
Fire axe Melee None 0 Fire axe No Yes
MI95 Sniper Sniper rifle .50 BMG 6 Barrett M95 Yes No
M4 Carbine .223 30 M4A1 Carbine Yes Yes Yes
M60 GPMG 7.62x51mm 100 M60 machine gun Yes Yes Yes No
SP12 Shotgun 12 GA 8 Franchi SPAS-12 Yes
Uzi SMG 9mm 30 IMI Uzi No
Scalpel Melee None 0 Scalpel No
Sawn-off shotgun Shotgun 12 GA 2 Sawn-off Winchester Model 21 shotgun Yes
Minigun Chaingun .308 1000 M134 Minigun Yes No Yes
AUG SMG SMG 9mm 25 Steyr AUG Yes
Enforcer Sniper Rifle Sniper rifle .308 10 Lee-Enfield Yes No
Meat Cleaver Melee None 0 Meat cleaver Yes
Stun Gun Melee None 0 Stun gun Yes Yes
Meat Hook Melee None 0 Meat hook No No Yes No No
Bolt Gun Melee None 0 Captive bolt pistol Yes No
MP9 SMG 9mm 25 Ruger MP9 Yes Yes
CZ2000 Pistol 9mm 15 CZ-G2000 Yes
Fire Poker Melee None 0 Fire poker Yes
SG 220 .S Pistol .45 ACP 7 SIG Sauer P220 suppressed Yes
GK17 Pistol 9mm 17 Glock 17 Yes Yes
Pool Cue Melee None 0 Pool cue Yes
Shovel Melee None 0 Shovel Yes
Magnum 500 Pistol .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum 5 Smith & Wesson Model 500 Yes
Micro Uzi SMG 9mm 20 IMI Uzi Yes Yes
Chinese Sword Melee None 0 Yes
PGM Sniper Rifle Sniper rifle .338 10 PGM 338 No No Yes No
M14 Rifle 7.62x51mm 20 M14 Rifle No Yes