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Little is known about Louis Legard other than Interpol considered his hands to be stained with blood of countless people in his desire to make Puissance Treize the greatest assassination organization in the world.



Unfortunately, Interpol was unable to prove any of his murders but were eventually able to arrest him for failure to pay taxes. It is implied that he was a very wealthy man from his court case due to the fact that the amount of lawyers, bribes and appeals issued were nearly two million euros.

He was also known to have survived several attempts on his life, with one such attempt causing him serious injury and leaving him with the need of crutches for the rest of his life.

Later life and Death

Fearing old enemies and losing control of Puissance Treize, Legard began to suspect that the guards were planning to kill him. While it is never stated in the book how he died it is confirmed that Pierre Douay was responsible.


  • Legard bears some similarity to real-life mafia leader Al Capone, who also ran a major crime syndicate and only went to jail for tax evasion.

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