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The M14 is a weapon in Hitman: Blood Money.


The weapon is only found in the mission Amendment XXV, used by US Marines patrolling the White House. Ammunition and rifles can be found throughout the level. Acquiring one while in disguise will not raise the alarm, so sneaking one out is relatively easy.


The M14 is quite powerful, though slightly less so than the M4. It is semi-automatic, which makes it good for medium to long range targets, though firing at close range will usually result in the death of the target after about two shots.

This weapon has a strong recoil, it will not be accurate after fourth quick shot, so fire steadily and slowly to control your weapon, despite this, the M14 is a very accurate weapon in game.



  • Judging by the dated age of the weapon, there is almost no reason that US Marine patrols would use the weapon, unless it would be for ceremonial purposes, in which case, live ammunition would certainly not be used.
  • This weapon is limited to semi-auto only. However most M14s have both full and semi-automatic fire capabilities, but if the alarm is raised, the US Marines will start shooting 47 in full automatic mode.
  • Interestingly, despite it's large caliber, the M14 ammunition is shared with FN-2000 and SG-552, the M14 uses 7.62 NATO while the other rifles use 5.56 NATO

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