The M4 is a customizable weapon in Hitman: Blood Money. The available upgrades are detailed below.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Low Velocity Ammo $50,000 Less recoil, less noise
Armour piercing ammo $75,000 More damage, penetrates doors


Upgrade Cost Effect
Double magazine $150,000 Faster reload
Drum Magazine $200,000 100-round capacity, more recoil


Upgrade Cost Effect
Buttstock $50,000 Less recoil, more precision


Upgrade Cost Effect
Silencer Type 1 $100,000 Less noise, less damage
Silencer Type 2 $200,000 Least noise, less damage


Upgrade Cost Effect
Red dot sight $150,000 More zoom, more precision (requires rail mount)
Scope Type 1 $200,000 Most zoom, most precision (requires rail mount)


Upgrade Cost Effect
R.I.S Handguard $50,000 Required for pistol grip and laser sight
Pistol grip $100,000 Less recoil (Requires R.I.S Handguard)
Laser sight $150,000 More precision (Requires R.I.S Handguard)
Extra Ammo $75,000 2 extra magazines
Rail mount $75,000 Required for scopes


  • The drum magazine upgrade with the Extra ammo upgrade will give you 400 rounds of ammo in total, ideal for aggressive players. It is based on Beta-C magazine.
  • With all these upgrades, the M4 is still unstable if you have Armor Piercing round equipped, remember to fire in bursts.
  • R.I.S. Handguard does not affect accuracy but essential for some other attachments.
  • Purchase the pistol grip can effectively cut-down the recoil the M4 generates.
  • The Armor-Piercing round will be slightly noisier than other ammo, so Silencer Type 2 is recommened.
  • The Armor-Piercing round can open doors if you hit the door handle, it can kill someone behind it as well.
  • Buy low velocity ammo if you cannot afford the silencer or the silencer is not available to purchase, the subsonic 5.56x45mm cartridge doesn't exist in real life though.

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