Marco Abiatti is a target in the bonus mission Landslide in HITMAN™.


Marco Abiatti is a local politician who was always considered a bad seed. But he has managed to tap into the right-wing fanaticism that has swept Europe in the past few years.

The client, the renowned bioengineer Silvio Caruso, sees Abiatti as a threat. He uses populist strategic plan, but in reality, he wants to sell out the town of Sapienza by expel the local townspeople and make Sapienza a luxury retreat for the rich and powerful.

Rome is backing him up, but he still needs the Church's approval. However, he also knows that a lawyer, Savatore Bravuomo, has his hands on information that could turn his election around for the worse.

Marco Abiatti is a paranoid man bordering on sociopathic. He covers his track well, and the ICA is the final answer to stop this megalomaniac.


  • Marco Abiatti's death was mentioned by Francesca De Santis, Oscar Lafayette, Dylan Narváez and several other NPCs in World of Tomorrow.
  • According to Francesca De Santis, the real reason Silvio Caruso issued the contract is because Abiatti bullied him when they were at school. The hit was considered by the public a political assassination.
  • In the briefing for Landslide, Diana Burnwood describes Abiatti as a "right-wing populist" and wealthy businessman. The character may be a parody of Silvio Berlusconi (who is also based in northern Italy) or, to a lesser extent, Donald Trump.

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