Mark Burdett is the President of the United States in Hitman: Damnation, presumably Tom Stewart's successor. First elected in 2008, his approval ratings were drastically low by the time he ran for reelection in 2012. Unemployment rose to 23%, domestic terrorism was at an all-time high which drove Burdett to create a police state, and gas prices skyrocketed despite Burdett being the first president to negotiate with terrorists and terror-sponsoring nations.

When his electoral rival Dana Linder was assassinated in early October 2012, the American public presumed Burdett ordered the hit and his approval ratings were lower than ever. Despite the perception, Burdett attended her funeral alongside Linder's husband and two sons. Charlie Wilkins, Linder's replacement on the ticket, was also assassinated on November 1, 2012 - in the days that followed, it was revealed that Wilkins had Linder killed and died at the hands of the same assassin for trying to betray and silence him. Burdett was reelected days later on November 6.

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