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Mark Purayah II, or Mark II was one of the co-leaders of The Crows, a group of elite assassins affiliated with the assassination cabal known as The Franchise. He was the second albino clone produced by the Franchise and the predecessor of Mark Parchezzi III.


"He's an albino clone - hypersensitive, adaptive, determined, focused and better equipped both physically and mentally than ordinary humans. Should something or somebody try and interfere with the operations he's in charge of, he will retaliate in full force with total disregard to the consequences. He's detached from human suffering, but while not devoid of feelings he will never let these feelings stand in the way of a perfectly executed hit."
Intel given on Mark II by the ICA through the Agency Laptop[src]


On October 25, 2004 Mark II worked with Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason to eliminate Jimmy Macklin, who was the Secretary of the Interior and a major supporter of US President Tom Stewart, at the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans.

The Franchise wanted Macklin dead partly because he was one of President Stewart's chosen candidates for Vice President after the death of Spaulding Burke. All members of the Crows present at the Mardi Gras parade were killed by Agent 47[1]


Mark II is a male albino clone, who is somewhere before the age of 2 years old. He weighs in at 172 lbs and is standing at 6 ft. Due to his albinism, he has white hair but no facial hair to speak of. Aside from being an albino, Mark II looked very much like a healthy human being, but he was physically and mentally superior to most humans. Determined, focused, adaptive and hyperactive, Mark II was a highly skilled assassin who would let nothing stop him, especially during a mission. In The Murder of Crows, he wears a headless black crow costume with purple legs.


Indifferent to human suffering, Mark II would disregard his own feelings and safety in order to execute a hit perfectly. His ultimate weakness is that because of the Franchise's inferior cloning technology, he has only months to live after he has reached maturity. Their program also accelerates their clones to adulthood, meaning Mark lived for less than 2 years.



  • Mark II's weapons of choice were a SIG 552 assault rifle and a Desert Eagle Magnum handgun.
  • Despite being heavily armed, he will not leave the building and look for 47 if he finds out his assassins are dead.
  • Mark ll will continuously use his walkie-talkie if you take out other two targets first.
  • The name "Purayah" is phonetically similar to the word 'pariah', which means 'outcast'.
  • Strangely, Mark II's head will not show any wounds if he is shot. However, if he is shot anywhere else on the body, there will be bullet wounds.


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