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Markus Krug is a target in Hitman: Sniper.


Krug is an advertising billionaire who runs a lucrative sideline in people trafficking along with his lover Basia Romanawski.


Krug will first start off sitting on a sofa in the living room. He will then get up and walk to the bedroom to make out with Romanaowski (the bedroom lights will be turned off), briefly stopping to look at the view. After this, he will proceed to meet Colin Ningbo and the latter's lover in the room just above the car park nearer to the mansion.

Krug will then meet Dr. Ralph Ashbury and his girlfriend in another room. After a heated argument, he will kill Ashbury with a handgun and leave. Lastly, Krug will go up and meet Baltasar Cabasso, Omid Maklouf, Vincent Krug and Jaroslav Benak in the room next to the swimming pool.


  • If Romanaowski is killed, Krug will not kill Ashbury but rather sit on a chair next to him.
  • After the story mode is finished, Krug will become the primary target.
  • Marcus and Vincent Krug have similar surname with Russian singer Michael Krug.