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Masahiro Hayamoto Jr. is the target in Tracking Hayamoto. He was the son of the arms dealer boss, Masahiro Hayamoto Sr.


Like his father, he was involved in the family business and had many meetings and deals with Yakuza bosses. Hayamoto Jr. is about to establish a deal with Tanaka Kusahana, a Yakuza leader, in his private estate.



  • One of the silent ways to kill Hayamoto Jr. is to serve Fugu to him, ultimately killing him. The player however MUST be next to the exit doors when he dies, as there are many witnesses that will ruin the Silent Assassin rating immediately.
    • As shown in the HITMAN™ cinematic "Legacy", Hayamoto Jr, was canonically killed by fish-poisoning.
  • He is shown to be a sexual fantasist at the introduction of the level, as he and a guest eat off food on a bikini clad maid's stomach in the dining room.