The Masseur outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.


Worn by massage specialist Konny Engström inside the embassy. The disguise grants access to both floors of the embassy but not the ambassador’s office.  None of the NPC can see through this disguise. With this disguise Agent 47 is able to give Claus Hugo Strandberg a massage and snap his neck during said massage.


The Masseur outfit appears in the following missions:



  • Once Agent 47 has given Strandberg a massage, he’s able to offer massages to some of the other members of the embassy, too. Just like Strandberg, they can be killed during the massage. Killing them with a neck snap prevents further massages, as their body cannot be moved and NPC don't consider their bodies suspicious. Finishing the massage or shooting the victim will allow more to be performed.
  • Only male characters can be given massages.

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