Meet Your Brother is the 13th and final mission of Hitman: Codename 47, in which Agent 47 must kill numerous No. 48 clones and Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer.

It is immediately succeeded by Asylum Aftermath in Hitman: Contracts.

Target: Dr. Ort-Meyer


Meet your brother takes place in an underground cloning lab, in Otto Ort-Meyer's asylum.

The lab contains 2 Orderlies, and around thirteen 48 clones. There's a maintenance closet with a minigun, and at the other side of the lab contains an Orderly with an AMT Hardballer, and a closet Body Armor, a Shotgun, Shotgun ammo, and an MP5. At the same end, are two doors which the 48's are scanned and released to attack the player. Otto Ort-Meyer can be heard giving a speech over the intercom the entirety of the mission.

After all the 48's are released, the door opposite to the players position opens, and the player can enter inside to eliminate Ort-Meyer.

Ort-Meyer's Speech

This details the speech given by Ort-Meyer as you progress in the mission.

The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

"The return of the prodigal son - now this calls for a celebration! Heeeere's daddy! Welcome home!

I gave you the best start in life - perfect genes! You are a perfect diamond, but it seems there is a bit of grinding to do, before you're finished!

You little ingrate! I should have known you would rebel against your old man - not at all like No. 48. Now there is a loyal and trusting clone. Man was made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired. I greatly improved on all of the built-in flaws. I'll prove to the whole world who's right - and decide who will be left! A little play on words, my boy - I know you like that sort of thing.

Son - I hope you know that this will hurt me more than you. The effort to make you! Every little manipulated gene! Oh you were so pampered! You are the apotheosis of Man! When I created you, I was standing on the shoulders of midgets. But I ironed out all the wrinkles - and still you turn on me! I discovered the true power of 47 chromosomes. Do you think that was easy? As always, I was ahead of my time. They shook their bony little heads, looked at me with their beady little eyes and said I was crazy. You, my friend, and living proof I'm not!

I know you want me dead, my boy, and I forgive you! But let me tell you - dying is the last thing I plan to do! You wouldn't believe what my experiments in re-combinant DNA have made possible!

It's such a comfort to see you working so perfectly - I knew I was on the right track. I will close this chapter, and turn a fresh page! You have problems with subordination, and we can't have that, can we? I have the power to create life, to mold, tailor and perfect humans - do you have any idea of the potential - no mushy sentiments, no quirky traits - and no betrayal! - DO YOU HEAR ME?

If you only knew what painstaking research went into this project. I had a clear vision of it - but you look into the sun, and all you see is darkness! I had the power to shed new light, to erase all previous scientific knowledge in this field. I was setting new standards - don't you understand?"


Any weapon carried will be brought over from The Setup




Any disguise gained from The Setup will be carried over. All disguises are also useless.



  • When killing Ort-Meyer, the blood emitted will sometimes become black instead of red.
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